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Crow Mind (Finishing Line Press, 2020)

This book chronicles a daily backyard meeting between a poet and her crow visitors. The poems are full of careful observation, and they bring the corvid-human similarities and differences into high relief. 


This beautiful chapbook (Oyez, 1980, handbound and printed in letterpress by Don Gray) is Hiller's first book of poems.

Charlie’s Exit

(EdgeWork Books, 2002, ISBN 1-223-01-7)

This is a moving novel of psychological growth, an engrossing mystery, and a drama of discovery in which the characters speak in their own voices and the reader comes to understand the story from multiple perspectives.

A woman’s house burns to the ground, and she disappears without word or trace. Her husband claims she set the fire and accuses her of desertion. Other people in her life, however, see these events very differently, and gradually the reader gathers clues and learns secrets that shed both light and darkness on the puzzle of the heroine's life and sudden exit.

As Charlie travels across a continent, sorting out the tangle of broken promises and violent surprises that have changed her life, a second story of risk and discovery weaves itself into the first through the diary of her great-great-grandmother, a pioneer who made her way across the same plains generations ago, facing her own adventures, losses and hard truths. Eventually Charlie, too, becomes a pioneer in a new way of life, as she uncovers and faces family secrets, absorbs some hard truths of her own and finds new beauties in the world.


This book (Clear Mt. Press, 1993)  is a mosaic of fragments, lyrics and prose poems that add up to a long poem, a meditation on water, love and the continual motions of life. Joanna Axtmann's striking drawings, inspired by the piece, accompany the poems. It's a love poem to water and its ways.

Certain Weathers

"...delicate strength as it weaves and cross-ticks, delicate beauty."
"Poetry Flash").

This collection presents a spectrum of Hiller's work, containing love poems, lyrics, meditations, and a few long poems.

Recreating Partnership: A Solution-Oriented, Collaborative Approach to Couples Therapy

with Phillip Ziegler

This is an eminently readable and very practical book for the use of therapists working with couples, that most challenging of therapeutic undertakings. It contains clear exposition of theoretical assumptions and technical practices, along with clear and helpful case examples. These examples are accompanied by the kinds of running commentary that make learning and applying new assumptions and techniques manageable.

The book has been translated into German under the title Verliebt, verlobt und dann . . . ?

Scott D. Miller, PhD., Co-Founder, Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change, Chicago, says: “Recreating Partnership provides therapists with a wealth of practical suggestions for helping couples. The authors certainly practice what they preach. They have created a highly readable and timely volume that builds bridges between the various constructionist approaches and will be of benefit to clinicians and couples alike.”

Michael Hoyt, Ph.D., author of Some Stories are Better than Others and Interviews with Brief Therapy Experts, says: “Ziegler and Hiller have provided us with a great resource for helping couples recreate the kind of stories that produce happy and vibrant relationships... Recreating Partnership is valuable and well written, a book that should be on the shelf of everyone who works with couples.”